What are you doing on Friday 25th May? How about Saturday 26th May?

Want to come get your photo taken?

Kate O’Sullivan of A Playful Day will be hosting a FREE professional shoot at Woollinn Dublin thanks to sponsors This is Knit. Kate wants to take a photo of YOU. We are calling it Make Good Feel Good because it is about feeling good. It’s about existing. It’s about documenting a moment in time. It’s about occupying space.

This is a shoot for every person. Every BODY. This is about us all supporting one another to all get that little feel good factor going.

(c) http://www.aplayfulday.com

You don’t have to stand and smile. You don’t have to even show your face! You can bring your friends or own that space all by yourself. Bring your knitting. Bring your handmade wardrobe items. Did you take part in the #WoollinnWardrobe KAL? Get your FO shot, ready to share with your friends online. Bring your purchases from the event. Bring your badges and slogans and statements and let Kate shoot them.

(c) http://www.aplayfulday.com

If you’ve ever shrunk in front of a camera? Come and tell Kate why because you deserve to be seen.

We are calling it Make Good Feel Good because you deserve to feel good.

See you there?

How to get involved:

Come along to the “Viewing Room” on the first floor of ALSAA between 11.30 and 13.30 on Friday 25th May, or between 12.30 and 14.30 on Satuday 26th May. Kate will take care of the rest…😉